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Michelle Frankfurter is a freelance photographer based in Takoma Park, Maryland.

She has worked for a number of editorial publications, including The Guardian of London, The Washington Post Magazine, Ms., Time, and Life Magazine. Her personal documentary work has been featured in exhibits at the Arlington Arts Center, The Washington Project For the Arts and the Ellipse Arts Center.

A long-term project on Haiti earned her two World Press Photo awards and a series of photographs she produced for the US Postal Service won several graphic design awards. Before settling in the Washington area, Frankfurter spent three years living in Nicaragua where she worked with a human rights organization documenting the effects of the contra war on civilians.




I have always been curious about people, but somewhat shy and I think initially, taking pictures made it easier for me to strike up a conversation with total strangers. Having a camera is a little like getting a visa - a stamp that grants access to exotic places. It gives you a reason for being somewhere. Camera in hand, I could approach people whose background and circumstances often varied dramatically - sometimes cinematically from my seemingly dull middle class suburban upbringing - people I would never have had the nerve to approach otherwise.

I take pictures in order to understand and articulate something about the world we live in. I think my photographs reflect my point of view, my sense of humor, and my compassion for people.

I began photographing weddings a while ago because I thought the subject matter lent itself naturally to a documentary approach. By working in an unobtrusive, virtually invisible manner, I make compelling, story-telling images that go beyond the predictable, scripted shots you would expect to see in a wedding presentation. I think those who hire me are actively searching for an alternative to traditional wedding photography.

- Michelle Frankfurter



I am sitting here at the computer crying like a fool. I looked at all the pictures and let me tell you, I never imagined that they would be THAT GOOD. I mean, I knew I'd love them, but I didn’t know that I'd cry at the computer screen for 40 minutes. I can’t wait to show Casey!!!! And I can’t begin to thank you enough. You truly captured the love and joy of the day and because of the magnificent pictures you took, Casey and I (and all of our friends and family) will remember our wedding day and look back and smile, laugh, and cry. Thank you sooooo much

Ann & Colin
I just wanted to tell you how much Colin and I love the book -- It is a work of art. I think the thing we like most about it is that we can look at the photos of all the people who were at the wedding and the reception, and sort of see things through another set of eyes - and also in a way be a part of things that we didn't get to see or experience at the time. We appreciate very much all of the time and effort you put into making our photographs so special.Thank you again - and keep in touch.

Rebecca & Andrew
Thanks again! You get SO many compliments – not only your work, which everyone is loving, but also I keep hearing how much people liked you, how much fun you were to work with.

I just want to thank you for all of the work you did to provide us with the most professional photographs I have ever seen. From the day I met you, to the day of the wedding, and the final project, you have been wonderful to work with, making my life easier in preparation for our wedding day. I've been sharing them with as many people as possible. People at work are just in awe. Some comments from people at work: "I would expect to see these pictures displayed in a gallery." "You look so happy and all of the pictures are perfect to capture that mood." "Look at your dad's expression." "I've never seen pictures done this way before." "I love the black and white." Sam and I can't stop looking at the pictures. Thanks again for your professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail.

Cathy & Will
Will and I couldn't be more pleased!!! What beautiful moments you captured! I hope you are happy too. We actually watched all of them while drinking champagne in celebration of our 2 week anniversary!!! Best and thank you sooooo much!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just wanted to say that I am so happy with how everything turned out!! Yeah!! It'd be very cool to be on your site! Take care & talk to you soon!

Teal & Nat
Quick note for you: THANK YOU! The pics are absolutely incredible. You are a genius. We love them and are thrilled.

The photos exceed all of our expectations. They are truly wonderful!
Somehow without knowing your subjects personally, you always succeed in capturing personality along with emotions and moments. Thank you for capturing the many moods of our wedding (and there were several!). I think my brother said it best this afternoon when he viewed the site. "Michelle managed to show how people were feeling, not just what they were doing...they were truly having fun!" You are incredibly talented and everyone has been oohing and awwing.. especially the make-up artist Maria who's worked with many photographers of all types through the years.

Mary Alice
I have spent the last few days pouring over the photographs you sent of Jessie and Ryan's wedding. They are outstanding. I see something new each time I look at them. Jessie and Ryan were here visiting when the package arrived. They are thrilled with the result. You have done it again! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your artistic eye and professional skill. After seeing these photographs, it does make me disappointed that we have only two daughters. My sister Lisa and her husband Gary spent a couple of hours going through the pictures with me. They marveled at the quality and composition of the photographs. They too had difficulty picking their favorite from among them all. We all send our love and thanks for providing the wonderful photographic memories of both weddings.

Matt & Jenny
We did receive the photos and we could not be happier about how they turned out. The candids are incredible as they really captured the entire day as a story, and the backdrop for the color portraits was perfect, you did a fantastic job, thank you very much for documenting our day. Thank you again for all of your help, and the beautiful photos!!

YOU ROCK! Oh my gosh, they are amazing!!! We are so excited and everyone is looking online!

Thanks for all of your awesome hard work. The album is such a joy. We love it. Thanks again, Michelle, for our pictures. We chose you because we think you are a truly gifted and uncompromising artist. We think our wedding pictures reflect your passion for your craft. We hope you continue to get tons of enthusiastic clients who appreciate what you bring to the art of black and white photography.

You have been just wonderful to work with and very generous. The photos will soon be hanging on our walls and we will stop to look and remember every time we walk by them for years to come. Everyone who sees your work admires it and asks who the photographer is! I guess it's because, since we've been surrounded by your work yesterday and today, you seem to us like part of our family. Thanks again for everything.

Thanks again for all your time. You've really been a pleasure to work with and I hope we'll keep in touch. In addition to gaining beautiful images from our wedding we feel that we learned more about photography and made a friend through the process. Take care and talk to you soon.



Michelle Frankfurter


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